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Marshall Properties was established in the early 1990’s by Malcolm Marshall who has since specialized in the residential sector, covering Dublin 2, 4 & 6, as well as parts of South County Dublin.

As a sole practitioner, Marshall has developed a highly-personalized service where he provides a one to one service to his clients; many of whom have been with him since he started off, all those years ago.  Others have come by way of recommendation from clients. See Client Feedback. Marshall offers his services to people who know that it is in their own interests to have the best, professional and independent assistance available. He provides this. This is especially so because many of his clients do not have the time, energy or expertise to attempt to sell their own property. Most clients are successful people in their own right, who basically say, “There’s the key, get on with it”.  Marshall’s standard of professionalism comes naturally to him; after all he's been involved in this market for more than just a little while. 

Marshall steps into the home owner’s shoes and asks himself, if this house were mine, how would I like to present it? In this regard, Marshall offers advice on how to best present the property for sale and can also offer, if really pressed, a very high spec “house dressing” service which will ensure the house is shown at its best. This add on service can really transform a property and has added tens and sometimes over a hundred thousand Euro to the final sale price of some houses with which he has been involved. He insists this service is back-breakingly hard work,if done properly, and comes at a premium but the end results will make this initial outlay disappear into distant memory.

Marshall only handles a few properties at a time and is therefore able to offer that very attentive service which many homeowners really need when they are selling their principal asset. A good understanding of the market and a dedication to working only for his principal’s interests will ensure a successful outcome. Marshall’s approach is very low key. Deliberately low key. Marshall has been involved with many property transactions but, here again, you might never know it. Marshall has always maintained his business as private and independent. Marshall has had his own code of conduct for many years; well in advance of recent legislative requirements and has been fully licensed and bonded since the early 1990's. 

He can deal fairly and honestly with both seller and purchaser alike. As he says, “If people don’t believe you, you are wasting your time”.  In difficult negotiations Marshall keeps a cool head and works out a deal he can stand over. Put simply, the Property Price Register was established so that prospective purchasers can now see what was really paid for a house they were interested in purchasing. In other words - no more auld guff or double dealing.  In fairness, people dealing with Marshall never felt the need to go off to search for info about what a property actually sold for; they believed him.

Marshall has a small, but very good team of professionals assisting him in the background. However, the only person you need concern yourself with will be himself. He is not a man for fancy brochures about Marshall Properties and has little interest in printing glossy Customer Guides etc. He takes for granted that he knows what he is doing and just gets on with it.

Of course, you won’t really know the full benefit of Marshall’s approach until after the event when the job is done and dusted. Then, maybe, you too will recommend him. 

One final (comical) point: If you were considering calling into Marshall’s office on the Rathgar Road, don’t be expecting a prestigious HQ. Instead, search for something not unlike the HQ of “Steptoe and Son” and you won’t go far astray! He laughs and says, “It’s not the office they are dealing with, it’s me!” The Clients who have dealt with him for many years understand this. Might be best to just give him a call in advance or send an email: -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. His approach is refreshingly honest; the only people he wants to see at his office (apart from his clients) are those holding a bank draft or a signed contract. Preferably both!


To reiterate; Photography, Advertising, Brochure production, if required, Floor plans and always Accompanied Viewings will be arranged. If you’d like a big For Sale board placed on your property, he can arrange this as well. However, the big For Sale board does not go hand in hand with his low-key approach to selling. At the end of the day, he will follow your instructions to conduct the selling campaign as you wish. So long as you're happy, he’s happy, and that’s the main thing.

However, there are times when none of the above is needed simply because he might just know of the person who is looking for exactly what you are selling.  No fuss, job done!

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