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Property Management


Marshall Properties has been providing Property Management services to clients located in all corners of the world for about 30 years and knows what is required to ensure that the property in question is well looked after and the tenant, living therein, is kept happy. 

Marshall Properties offers Management services to landlords who are too busy, or are too far away, to deal effectively with this task themselves. Marshall steps into the landlord's shoes and takes over everything. 

Just some of the services offered: - 

  • Preparation of properties to be rented - property refurbishment and property dressing. 
  • Property inspections whenever required. 
  • Manage tenant requests and queries.
  • Provide meaningful feedback to landlords. (Maybe something as simple as sending photos of how a garden is developing can make a huge difference to an absentee landlord.)
  • Advice on required repairs and maintenance.
  • Small team of trusted individuals who can carry out repairs.
  • Avoidance of absurd and silly overpriced repair services.
  • Liaising with financial advisors for tax returns etc. 
  • Assessing rental values and liaising at rent reviews.

Concepts for the improvement and redesign of a building to improve its rentability, rental return and capital. See Renovation Projects.

Marshall Properties does not engage in the collection of rents. Rents are always paid directly into the landlord's bank by the tenant by automated bank transfer.  

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